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The Central Service Office provides this Book Store to the members and groups of Alcoholics Anonymous. We have separated the store items into categories to assist you in your selections. When ordering for a Group, Please enter The Group Name & Location under “Special Instructions to Seller” at the checkout page. We accept PayPal as well as all major credit cards for payment. A 3% convenience charge has been built into the shipping to help cover PayPal costs. Alternatively, if you would like to mail in your order please download and fill out our Literature Catalog.

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Parchments & Specialty

Item #DescriptionPriceBuy
M1412 Step Window Shade34.00
M1812 Tradition Window Shade34.00
M412 Traditions Parchment4.20
M30A.A. Meeting Sign8.40
M10A.A. Preamble Placard10.35
M84Alcoholics Anonymous Comes of Age CD14.00
M61Anonymity Display Card0.25
M81 ABig Book CD Without Stories22.00
M81Big Book On 16 CD's All Stories66.00
M12Bills Last Message3.60
MS15Co-Founders Memorial Issues7.15
M8Display Rack24.00
M16Dr. Bob's Farewell Talk3.60
M1Guide For Leading Beginners Meetings4.25
M85Living Sober CD12.00
MS03Man On The Bed3.00
M54Pocket Folder for Pamphlets0.60
MS01Preamble 5x72.00
M5Preamble Parchment4.20
M23Promises / 3rd. & 7th. Step Prayers Wallet Card0.20
M20Responsibility / Unity / Bills Last Wallet Card0.20
M11Responsibility and Preamble Placards Set
M9Responsible Placard10.35
MS05Serenity Prayer 5x72.00
SP1Serenity Prayer Parchment3.25
MS04Slogans Set Of 55.00
M21Step/Tradition/Preamble Wallet Card0.20
M19Steps and Traditions Window Shade Set
M87Three Legacies, by Bill CD7.50
MS20Traditions Checklist0.25
M33Twelve Steps & Twelve Traditions Tabletop Display
M83Twelve Steps and Twelve Traditions CD21.60
M3Twelve Steps Parchment
M22What Does Anonymity Mean Wallet Card0.20

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