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Please use this form to keep the Central Service Office up to date with information about your meeting. It is important to keep this information current as to provide the most accurate information to the Alcoholics Anonymous community. For more information please contact the Webmaster.

Important Meeting Posting Information:

Due to the Covid pandemic and our meeting list limitations, we created a virtual meeting list separate from our in-person meeting list to serve our fellowship.

Over time our virtual meeting list has grown outdated and inaccurate with no real idea of where all these meetings are being hosted, or even if they adhere to our primary purpose.

We are certain that virtual meetings are here to stay. This added meeting type can only add to our ability to carry the message.

Furthermore, our main meeting list functionality has been updated to now support in-person, hybrid, and virtual meeting types.

For these reasons, we will need to rebuild our virtual meeting list into our main meeting list from scratch. We apologize in advance for this necessary inconvenience. The result will be a more current combined meeting list which will serve our fellowship for years to come.

Lastly, to ensure our meeting list is Accountable, Reliable & Consistent we have put together a few simple Posted Meeting Prerequisites. These prerequisites are intended only for those wishing to post a meeting to

In submitting meetings from this time forward please review the posting prerequisites.

Virtual Meeting Disclaimer

Keep Trusting & Keep Believing!
Bob B – C.S.O. Webmaster

Posted Meeting Prerequisites:

We want to ensure that our online meeting list shows the most Accountable, Reliable & Consistent meeting information possible.

For this reason, we have set a few simple prerequisites in place for those wishing to post to our online meeting list.

In-person or virtual meeting postings must be held in Area 28 only.

In-person Meeting or Hybrid Posting Prerequisites:

Groups or Meetings wanting to be posted to our online meeting list must be held indoors, as well as held at a regular weekly reoccurring time, day, and location.
This excludes Intermittent, Seasonal and Outdoor Meetings. The reason for this is our meeting list program was not designed to display Intermittent, Seasonal and Outdoor Meetings.

Virtual Meeting Only Posting Prerequisites:

Virtual Meetings must, for now, be Sponsored by a Group or Meeting, that holds an indoor AA meeting, that is held at a regular weekly reoccurring time, day, and location. This is only to ensure that all virtual meetings stick to our Primary Purpose and are hosted in Area 28.

“Our primary purpose is to stay sober and help other alcoholics to achieve sobriety.”

A virtual meeting does not need to be held on the same day or time or have the same name as the sponsoring group or meeting. Nor does the virtual meeting need to be the same meeting type or meeting format as the sponsoring group or meeting.

In-person Meeting

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    Virtual or Hybrid Meeting

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      Virtual Meeting Disclaimer:

      Online meetings are a great way to carry the message and stay connected and informed. The technology is most often simple and safe to use.

      Central Service Office Area 28 is in no way associated with nor endorses any online meeting service or software.
      We need to strongly recommend safe practices and prudence in using any online virtual meeting software or service.

      Central Service Office Area 28 will take no responsibility legally or financially for any type of harm that could come from using this provided meeting information, or any associated software or services.

      Regarding the 7th Tradition and any contributions. We ask that all moneys intended for A.A. be directed to only. In this way we can ensure your security and a guarantee that your support ends up where it was intended.

      Finally, a reminder of anonymity and best practices regarding internet-based meetings. It is recommended you use your first name only and only activate your video if you feel safe in doing so.