Upload the BEAM online

Upload the BEAM online

Each month, we upload a PDF version of the BEAM for our online subscribers and ‘online free’ plan users to view. Here’s how you do that:

  1. From the WordPress Dashboard, go to “Posts” and click “Add New”
  2. For the title of the page, type in the month and year. For example “February 2023” or “June 2023”
  3. In the next section below the title, click on the little ‘plus’ icon to add a new block. When the modal popup shows you the various options of blocks, select ‘File’
  4. Now select the PDF file of the Beam to upload in the new ‘file’ block
  5. Wait! It will take a minute for the file to upload and appear.
  6. Save/Publish the page and move on to the category and permissions parts below.

Set the Category

  1. Navigate to the ‘Category’ section
  2. Check the box next to “The BEAM”
  3. Save and publish!

Set Permissions

  1. On the right sidebar, navigate down to the ARMember Access Rules
  2. Click the slide switches next to all the plans except ‘yearly’ and ‘users having no plan’
  3. Save the page and you are done!