Delete a Meeting

If a meeting is closed or for whatever reason no longer exists, you’ll need to remove the meeting from the meeting list.

On the “Meetings” page, locate the meeting you need to edit. You can use the search box to find the name of the meeting. If you don’t know the exact name, you can use the “Meeting List” on the front of the website to find the meeting- maybe you know the day, time, and location, so you can use the filters on the “Meeting List” to figure out the exact name.

Hover your mouse over the name of the meeting, and you’ll see three links appear below.

Click on “Trash” and you are done!

Side Notes

The reason we use “Trash” instead of deleting a meeting is so that if we ever make a mistake, we can restore the meeting easily

When people submit requests via the contact form, they don’t often include the exact name of the meeting. SO sometimes you’ll have to play detective and find the meeting they are talking about using the Meeting List. Once you find the meeting, THEN you can copy the meeting name and find it on the admin Meetings page.

Double check that the meeting you are deleting matches the day and time that it should! Sometimes there are multiple meetings with the same name.