Create a New Meeting

When you need to add a new meeting to the CSO meeting list, follow these steps. Please be sure to read through each section below.

Login to the Admin- Go to and enter in your admin credentials. Then, on the left navigation bar, click on “Meetings”.

At the top of the “Meetings” page, click on the button labeled “Add New”:

Now you can fill in the meeting information

Meeting Name

Enter the name of the new meeting at the top of the page under where it says “Add New Meeting”

Meeting Information

This section has the scheduling information, and you can set what type of meeting, along with the (optional) online meeting details.

  • Day: what day of the week the meeting is
  • Time: the start and end time of the meeting
  • Types: click all the checkboxes that apply to this meeting
  • Notes: optional, anything you want to leave a note about
  • Online Meeting Details: if this is an in-person meeting, leave this section blank. If there are online options, fill in the details that you have


It’s very important to read the instructions on the page that apply to online vs in-person meetings!

In-Person Meetings

  1. Type the name of the Location, example “Big Mills Church”
  2. Enter in the address in the format “12 main st, city, state, zip”
  3. Click or tab to the next input field
  4. IMPORTANT! Wait for the map to load below. After you type the address, the system will look up the geo-coordinates, so we must wait for that to finish. When it finishes looking up the map information, you’ll see the map appear. It is now safe to proceed.
  5. Region- select the region that this meeting belongs to. If the region you want doesn’t exist, leave the dropdown box set to ‘Select Region’. You can create a new region, then come back and edit this meeting to select the new region.
  6. Location Notes: just notes about wherever this meeting is

Online Only Meetings

  1. Type in the name of the location, which is just the city and state, example: “Portland, ME”
  2. For the Address, just type in what city and state the meeting is in. Do NOT use a full street address. Example “Portland, ME”
  3. Click away from the ‘Address’ input field and WAIT for the map to load.
  4. Region, select what region the meeting is hosted from.


Contact Information

This section is completely optional. No contact information is ever displayed on the front of the website.

We recommend:

  1. click the radio button next to ‘part of a group’
  2. Type in the ‘Group’ name
  3. Select the District
  4. Type in the first name, phone, and email of the contact person (if you have it)


Now scroll to the top of the page, and click the button that says “Publish”

Reply to submitter

Copy the link to the new meeting (ex:

Reply to the person who submitted the meeting with the link:

Hi FirstName!

Thank you for submitting a meeting. The meeting has been added here:

New meetings are synced to the AA “Meeting Guide” ios & android apps every 12 hours. Please let me know if there are any changes to make. Thank you!


Done! Now you can archive the email to get it out of your inbox and you are ready to move on to your next task.